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Ben G. J. Beune joins Sisvel to head the licensing operations of the Group

Luxembourg, September 16, 2015

Sisvel is pleased to announce today the appointment of Ben G. J. Beune as the new Executive Vice President and Chief Licensing Officer (CLO) of the Group.

Mr. Beune, has an extensive expertise in managing Intellectual Property. He worked many years for Royal Philips N.V. Legal Department and later on as Senior Vice President and License Director for Philips Intellectual Property and Standards (Philips IP&S). In recent years, he was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of One-Red, LLC. In both Philips IP&S and One-Red Mr. Beune was responsible for the global implementation of CD, DVD and Blu Ray patent licensing programs.

“I am glad to welcome Mr. Beune into the Sisvel Group,” said Karel van Lelyveld, CEO of Sisvel International. “I have known Ben for a long time, he shares our values and our focus in fostering a fair environment for innovation. His career has been marked by outstanding performance and he has demonstrated remarkable talent and knowledge of this business. For Sisvel Mr. Beune is the right person to lead the licensing activities of the company, he will be the driving force of the Group in its further development and growth as the guardian of Intellectual Property.”

“I am delighted with the opportunity to join Sisvel Group,” said Mr. Beune. “I believe Sisvel has a set of assets which make them unique in this business. The company is one of the few true independent licensing entities, with over 30 years of experience in managing Intellectual Property. Further, it has its own department of technical experts, which provide 360-degree IPR assistance and a significant worldwide presence. I am looking forward to contributing to the company’s continued success and leadership in the protection and licensing of Intellectual Property.”

Among other licensing programs, Sisvel is currently managing patents in key technological fields, such as LTE and LTE-Advance, Wireless (mobile communications devices and services) and Wi-Fi.

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