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Sisvel expands the scope of its LTE Patent Pool

London (UK), April 20, 2015

Sisvel has expanded the scope of its LTE patent pool to offer patent licenses covering all LTE and LTE-Advanced specifications, representing comprehensive coverage of the latest versions of the 4G standard for mobile communications. The patent portfolio includes essential patents owned by Airbus DS, an Airbus Group company, the China Academy of Telecommunication Technology (CATT), the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Orange (formerly France Telecom), TDF, KPN, and Bräu as well as patents originally owned by Nokia that Sisvel acquired in late 2011. Sisvel is available to discuss membership with owners of essential LTE patents that may be interested in joining the group as a licensor.

The patent license covers the most recent LTE and LTE-Advanced specifications without any additional changes to the terms and conditions set for the license previously offered only for the LTE patent portfolio, providing for the same running royalty rate of 0.99 Euros per device.

Luc Savage, Director Intellectual Property and Licensing of Orange explained that “the broader scope of the pool confirms the group’s commitment to maximize the value which our license will provide to implementers of LTE technology.”

"This expansion demonstrates that Sisvel's LTE pool has adapted to developments in the technical and commercial landscapes," noted Karel van Lelyveld, CEO of Sisvel International, "and we remain well-positioned for all companies advocating lower aggregate royalty rates for the benefit of the LTE industry to participate in this joint effort rather than undertaking individual license negotiations."

Sisvel invites potential licensees to get into contact with Sisvel to obtain further information regarding the LTE-portfolio license. Obtaining a license from the LTE-pool at the early stage of this licensing program will include the benefit of a reduced royalty rate for all the early licensees.

You may contact Sisvel at the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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