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Sisvel opens a new office in Japan: Sisvel Japan

Tokyo (Japan), March 16, 2007

Sisvel SpA, a multinational company with headquarters in Italy specialised in the protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights, announced the opening in Tokyo of SISVEL JAPAN, KK.

The new company started operations on February 9th and has its offices on the 9th floor of the Imperial Hotel Tower, in the area where are based some of the most important Japanese companies. The official opening took place on March 16th when the top management from the multinational company was introduced to the press and a number of prestigious members of the Japanese business community. The event was a successful and was arranged with the invaluable assistance of JETRO (Japan External Trade Organisation) that assisted Sisvel in establishing the new company. The gala was attended by several managers of some of the most important Japanese consumer electronics companies and by the Italian Minister Counsellor, Mr. Aldo Amati.

Mr. Toshifumi Futamata has been selected as the CEO of the new company. Mr. Futamata is a manager who has gained experience over the years in one of the most prestigious company in the electronics sector: Matsushita Electric Industrial (Panasonic). During his more than 30 years with Panasonic, a point of reference for Japan’s economy, Mr. Futamata worked his way up the corporate ladder. He was in charge of managing the first Singapore office for mobile communications and was later appointed as Chief Licensing Specialist leading the company’s mobile telephone licensing program.

The mission of SISVEL JAPAN is that of promoting in Japan the knowledge and opportunities offered with intellectual property, thus assisting Sisvel Spa in the quest of new business opportunities and future licensing programs. At the same time, SISVEL JAPAN will assist Sisvel in identifying within Japan new potential licensees interested in Sisvel’s patent portfolio.

SISVEL JAPAN will therefore become the newest member of a group that since 1982 works on protecting inventions and research and development investments with its offices in China (Sisvel Hong Kong), the United States (Audio MPEG Incorporated) and Europe (Sisvel Spa together with representative offices in Germany).

Sisvel has worked from its earliest beginnings with most, if not all, of the largest Japanese companies in the electronics sector specialised in the manufacturing of television sets, decoders, digital TV, DVD players, MP3 players, such as Toshiba, Sony and Panasonic. As of today, Sisvel has among its licensees the main producers in the world of consumer electronics, such as Apple, Nokia and Motorola providing a total of more than 800 licensees. This is also the result of the working relationship that Sisvel has established with numerous, private and public, research centres. Among the most recent companies to be licensed by Sisvel there is Microsoft under the patented technology relative to the MPEG audio compression system.

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