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Sisvel’s Participation at the IFA and IBC

Torino (Italy), September 18, 2008

As in the previous years, also this year Sisvel was present at the IFA show in Berlin and at the IBC show in Amsterdam where it met with clients, patent holders, and potential licensees.

In connection with its mission to promote awareness and respect of IP rights, Sisvel also supported enforcement actions carried out by the German customs authorities at the IFA show, acting on the basis of orders issued by the Lower District Court of Berlin-Tiergarten, and by Dutch bailiffs at the IBC show, acting on the basis of orders issued by the President of the District Court of Amsterdam.

Among the companies that were the subject of the enforcement actions at the IBC in Amsterdam some, all part of the Altech UEC-group, requested the court to lift the seizure on their products and promotional materials. After having heard the arguments from both parties in an emergency hearing on the first day of the IBC, the President of the court denied the relief requested by Altech UEC and decided that the seizures were lawful. In addition, Altech UEC was ordered to pay Sisvel’s legal costs.

It is well known by the consumer electronic industry that (among others) digital set-top boxes, digital A/V receivers, and TV sets with built-in DVB tuners implementing MPEG Audio Layer II technology require a license from Sisvel and Audio MPEG. The same is true for products incorporating MPEG Audio technology Layer I or Layer III (MP3).

Sisvel offers standard licenses for the patents it licenses to companies manufacturing or selling relevant products. Enforcement actions are initiated when a company refuses to take a license and continues to use the patents. Also, before asking the relevant authorities to carry out enforcement actions, Sisvel issues formal warnings to any unlicensed companies and invites them to take a license or otherwise refrain from offering and exhibiting infringing products at these trade shows.

“Sisvel, as a leader in managing intellectual property rights, is constantly engaged to promote the awareness and respect of the intellectual property that it licenses”, Mr. Gianni Pancot, CEO of Sisvel, said. He also added: “Unfortunately, there are some companies that deliberately avoid their responsibilities and use this lack of respect of intellectual property rights to gain a competitive advantage in the market. This forces Sisvel to resort to enforcement, both in the interest of the owners of those patents and in the interest of all the licensees that, respecting those rights, have acquired all the necessary licenses.”

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